No cash delivery or pick up inconveniences, money is delivered straight to your mobile number or bank.

Log onto our website or if you are a first-time user, register. From your dashboard, choose Send Money to a Person by choosing either mobile or bank and enter in the details you are asked to provide, enter in your Visa/Master Card and for the first time you will be asked to verify your Card. Follow the instructions and then you will see a success notification. The recipient will receive the funds immediately.
You will need your receiver's first and last name, phone number and amount to send money.
We have a limit of five million shillings (1500 USdollars) for mobile money transactions; and for the banks, your limits vary depending on your transaction history.
From anywhere in the world provided you are sending it to a PesaMoni authorized mobile money network and bank.
You can send money to many different places as long as the mobile money network (telecom) or bank is supported by the PesaMoni System.

My account

In order to edit your user credentials, just sign in to your account. Go to "Settings" and you will see information regarding your account. You can choose to edit the information you want.
You can fund your PesaMoni Wallet by pressing the Fund your wallet button on the dashboard or Clicking the fund my wallet link.
In order to edit your user credentials, just sign in to your account. Go to "Settings" and you will see information regarding your account. You can choose to edit the information you want.
In case your transaction has been delayed you can contact support@pesamoni.coim or directly send us a Facebook or twitter chat and we’ll get back to you as soon as pos.
Authorized Mobile money networks (accounts) and bank Visa or master card accounts or your choice.
It takes less than a minute to transfer your money However In some very rare circumstances this process will take not longer than five minutes. Sometimes Mobile money networks across the country may experience downtimes and we will take the obligation to inform you of this immediately.
We need you to confirm that you are, in fact, the owner of the Visa/MasterCard account being used in the money transfer. We require all customers to do a one-time confirmation so that we can properly and effectively protect you and your money. In order to confirm your bank account, PesaMoni will add a random small refundable figure between $1-5 and deduct them off your bank account. All you need to do is sign into your account, check the exact amount of this additional deposit, and then enter the random amount into your PesaMoni account. The deposits will show up in your bank statement as coming from PesaMoni. The deposits will appear in your account in anywhere between 1 and 24 hours if you added your account on a business day, and 12 to 24 hours if you added your account on a non-business day, such as a weekend or a holiday (Note: PesaMoni sends these deposits immediately. Any delays in deposit time will depend on your bank). Once the account is confirmed, you will never have to go through this process with this account again!

Customer care services

Customer service is available between the hours of 24Hrs Mon-Fri and between the hours of 4 AM – 3 PM GMT Sat-Sun.
There are several options available to you to find answers to your money transfer questions. We are here to help — so all you need to do is choose which option works best for you. Here is a list of your available options: E-mail us: Send us an e-mail at and we will respond to your request within the same day as long as your e-mail is sent between Mon-Fri. You can reach us on our social media channels and Call us: Our customer service team is here to help. You may dial +256 39 3216308 What do I do if I have a question, issue or dispute with the site? Please call our customer service department at +256 39 3216308 and we will gladly help you. Also reach us on and through our social media channels. and

Sending and Payments

Simply go to any mobile money agent and load money onto your phone, then pull the money from your mobile money account for example MTN mobile money account and load it onto your PesaMoni wallet and send to any mobile number in any country that is intergrated with us for example m-pesa.
There are no delivery options, we made it easy and instant, you only receive money directly to your mobile number or bank account.
You can cancel or stop a regular money transfer as long as the receiver hasn't yet received the money. Call one of our customer care centers for help immediately you wish to reverse the transaction.
Once you are fully registered and verified, you can transfer funds online using a laptop, desktop or mobile device.
Throughout the money transfer process, we will notify you via e-mail when any status changes are made to your transfer — and this, of course, includes when your recipient receives their funds. We want to make sure you are aware of any changes to your transfer when they happen, as they happen. You can also monitor the progress of the transfer when you are logged into your PesaMoni dashboard.
You can use the tools we provide on the homepage of the website or our dashboard to checkout exchange rates for only countries supported by PesaMoni.
you can use Visa/MasterCard, mobile money, m-pesa.
If you sent funds to a wrong GSM mobile subscriber, we will issue you your refund via bank. However, this refund method will only be available as a last resort as we will always first try to issue your refund via the method in which you funded your transaction. This process will take one working day.
If you're sending money to East Africa from the world, we will charge you Zero fees or free. We will charge on the exchange. Note that standard mobile money sending charges may apply. This will also apply if you are sending money from within East Africa.
Sending money to Kenya, Uganda and the rest of East Africa is free. We will charge on the exchange. Note that standard mobile money sending charges may apply. In terms of speed, you have three choices in selecting how to send your money.


You may access your account by using our password reset feature on the website.
When you log in to the PesaMoni Dashboard, click the Account settings tab and you will see a link showing "Enable 2 factor authentication for your PesaMoni account". Click that link and provide the country you are in and your telephone number. You will need to download Authy to your android or IOS device and you will be provided a tocken. The token expires in 20 seconds so you need to provide the token within that time. Your account will now be 2 Factor enabled.
Your account has likely been locked for one of the following two reasons: 1). There were too many attempt to unsuccessfully sign in and enter the correct account password. We will gladly help you unlock your account. All you need to do is call our customer service team or write us an email at . Your account may have been locked for security reasons. In order to unlock your account, please call our fraud team or contact and select the option to speak to our consumer protection department. They will help you unlock your account.