PesaMoni is an internet based and online integrated System (PesaMoni Integrated System (PMIS)).  The System integrates a one to many and many to one solution of aggregating telecommunications/ Gsm network and Financial Banking systems, inter money exchange in Remittances or transfer in the whole of East Africa and the world as a whole.

 The PMIS integrates the telecommunication and Banking Network into a cloud platform where a customer can upload his or her money from Mobile Money Account of his or her preferred Telecom network Account to PesaMoni Wallet and it can be sent to any network where that customer wishes to send it to. It’s an online service that lets people send money to friends and family living within the banking and telecommunications sector using a computer, Smartphone or tablet.  PesaMoni is an internet based solution that integrates inter money transfer from bank to bank, bank to mobile or vice versa using the PesaMoni integrated system.

It is a central system that aggregates money transfer to mobile across all networks and as well as banks in the regions of East Africa.

 The PMIS brings the banking sector and the telecommunication network to exchange and transfer money to each other respectively in a simple, secure and instant manner.  It is a financial integrated system of money transfer between the Banks and the Telecommunications and this System is a one to many solution and a many to one solution in terms of money transfer from a bank to a mobile or Mobile to bank and Mobile to Mobile integrating telecommunications/ Gsm networks that will be integrated into the system of PesaMoni or from Another Telecom to telecommunications/ Gsm network User.  It is a unique Platform that can support all telecommunications relationship into one platform with the banks to achieve the one to much solution so it aggregates a customer and a bank and a telecom company to transfer money directly to another telecom instantly without moving from the comfort of your seat.

What you can do with your PesaMoni Account;

  1. Transfer money from your Bank using Visa/MasterCard to the Mobile money wallet of your specific Telecom Service Provider.
  2. Transfer money from your Mobile money telecom specific account to your preferred Bank account
  3. Transfer money from Uganda to Kenya using your preferred telecom service provider mobile money wallet and vice versa.
  4. Receive money from any country in the USA, UAE, EUROPE, EASTAFRICA and the rest of the world to Uganda and Kenya.
  5. Purchase Airtime to Telco networks in Uganda and Kenya.



PesaMoni Ltd started its research on advancing technology in integration of money transfer between telecommunications and banking sector in 2013 and was founded in 2016 after it had realized its market potential to conduct its business integration and aggregation of centralized system of PesaMoni.

The company detected a lot of loopholes in the market of both telecom and Banking reaching to the last customer in terms of money transfer. There have been a lot of inconveniences in the money transfer market and therefore this is where PesaMoni came to bridge the gaps between telecom, banking and customers who are using their service. PesaMoni Ltd or PesaMoni System plays a role of centralizing and integrating all services of money transfer into one pool source to make money transfer very easy.  And this includes across the globe where money can be sent through PesaMoni integrated System into regions of East Africa but on mobile and bank as well which makes it cost saving, convenient and instant to avoid cash in transit. 



To be a leader in the industry of technology and internet by providing transfer of money to mobile and banking sector all over the world as make technology very easy to use in a simple way even to the ordinary person.


To be the most preferred internet money transfer platform as we build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.



Customer Satisfaction: It is our personal responsibility to satisfy and

Strive to exceed the expectations of our customers

Accountability: We take full responsibility for every action and decisions made, including the results delivered.

Integrity: We honor fair practices, ethics, and transparency, honesty and offer our full Commitment,

Excellence: We strive to be excellent in the methods we use to conduct our business with continual process improvement, we here to serve you in an excellent way.

Innovation: We will continually create and improve our products, services, and delivery mechanics for all our customers

Morality: We strive very highly to keep good morals for professionalism and we accept no immorality at our company, everybody should descent in morals

Humility: At PesaMoni we consider humility highly to serve our customers and anybody in a humble away to maximum satisfaction

Godliness: We honor God Almighty and at PesaMoni we accept godliness

Teamwork: We promote effective teamwork in the workplace.